Saturday, July 18, 2009

Explore Alaska

When planning a trip to the state of Alaska there is many ways that you can go about it. You can visit this state by way of auto, ship or plane. In the event that you want to gain as much time on your vacation as you possibly can you may wish to consider traveling by plane.

The country is still a mystery to the majority of Americans who have never been there however, when the subject is mentioned to those people who have traveled to Americans last frontier they will readily relate to you how beautiful the landscape is, the abundance of wildlife and the more simplistic manner of living that exists there. I'll never forget the moose, bears and bald eagles. The scenery is fantastic and the fishing great! What more can I say?

Flying has an added benefit as well since you will be traveling over the landscape and not merely on it. Most visitors to this state will tell you that the best way to really see Alaska is from the air. Aboard a prop-plane you are afforded unequaled views of many remote villages located along your route, the abundance of fishing locations as well as the wondrous terrain of the area.

Flying into the area is generally very easy as you merely have to book a flight to Anchorage with one of the major airlines. From here you can venture out to various parts of the state and embrace its sheer beauty.

If you are not the adventurous type of individual you can still enjoy your vacation in the wilds of Alaska. However, you will find that if you are the outdoor kind of person this is certainly a great area of the nation to enjoy your activities in. In order to fully appreciate the Alaskan areas you have to actually visit them. Words alone can not explain all that the state has to offer in the way of tourist activities.

Its vastness alone is beyond ones imagination. Just imagine a state that could place 425 plots the size of Rhode Island into its interior. The weather in this state can vary greatly due to its vast size. You may encounter some areas with 80 degree temperatures while at the same time find others that are experiencing -50 degree. Some areas of the state have a well defined four season year while further north you find only a winter and summer season.

The best times of the year to visit Alaska are during the June to August time frame. Although you will generally find that the prices during this time are rather high it offers the best opportunities that the state has to provide. Less expensive rates are available during the wintertime if you happen to enjoy the associated winter like sports.

Generally autos have no problems getting around the towns of Alaska however some people prefer to travel by way of water or air. As a matter of fact there are actually locations in the state where it is impossible to get to other then by air. The state capital of Juneau is accessible only by air or by water. There are several major cruise lines which offer Alaskan tours while pointing out the major attractions along the way.

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WillOaks Studio said...

If folks have time and a sense of adventure...the Alaska Marine Highway System is a great way to "cruise" the magnificent ocean shoreline AND have a vehicle to debark at Haines or Skagway. Plus one can jump on and off at little coastal places, like Ketchikan and Juneau, just for a peek.

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Joanne Olivieri said...

I have always wanted to visit Alaska to experience that natural beauty. Thanks for the info.

Sandy said...

My daughter went to Alaska with a group from HS years ago. They flew in, but then did LOTS of car travel. LOTS and LOTS, fairly boring for most kids, and the 2 teachers as well. Though they did see some interesting sites along the way, they all felt like they spent too much time traveling. They had trouble sleeping due to the constant day light. Just weren't there long enough to adjust I think. Still, they had some marvelous pictures.

I've always thought if I were to go, I want to take a cruise of the inside passage.

welcome mats always out, hope to see you soon

Sandy said...

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if it doesn't work, here's the cut and paste url, sorry

Sandy said...

Now, am really still didn't show up, though I've been using that code with no problems earlier today, read we're suppose to do that rather than sending people our profile page, where they have to look through blogs to find the right to visit.??

I just learned this code, so need to ask, is it not working due to a setting of yours?

Sandy from Traveling Suitcase

TideTraveler said...


It's setup to not allow live links other than the link to your profile.


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