Monday, August 25, 2008

Puerto Aventuras – Adventure and Beauty

Traveling to Mexico's Caribbean coast is an exciting, exotic trip. You will find numerous cities and towns offer you fun and enjoyment. While cities like Cancun are obvious choices, the Riviera Maya offers many more options. Puerto Aventuras is one of the little known destinations in the area, offering you numerous ways in which to enjoy yourself.

Puerto Aventuras is a marina community, built around a spectacular deepwater marina. If you are sailing down the coast, this makes a safe harbor for your stay. You'll also find that the area is convenient to Cancun and all the rest of the Riviera Maya. A short trip down the coast is all it takes to find the best resort community in the region.

The community is home to numerous hotels and resorts, bungalows and condominiums. You will find no shortage of accommodations here. In addition, the area boasts numerous ways to enjoy your stay. The 9-hole golf course is a great way to enjoy a day in the tropical sun, while the tennis courts and other sporting options provide you with even more enjoyment.

One of the most popular ways to enjoy the area is sailing aboard a catamaran. You will find several companies and private operators offering charter trips. You can combine these trips with snorkeling, scuba diving and coastal exploration, as well. Deep-sea fishing trips are available and allow you to tackle numerous species of game fish for your enjoyment.

The marina, itself, is home to a large amount of enjoyment. You will find several options for shopping, from handicrafts to upscale shops. In addition, the marina disco is a great place to have fun once the sun goes down. Dining options around the marina run the gamut from traditional Mexican cuisine to island fare and even international dishes.

Alternatively, you can head out to Dos Ojos and other cenotes on the area. These freshwater sinkholes offer you diving, swimming and even underwater cave exploration. Filled with unique wildlife and stunning beauty, exploring cenotes has long been a popular way to enjoy the area. There are several national parks around the area offering you exploration of pristine jungle and seascapes. X'caret, Tres Rios and X'puha are nature theme parks in the area, combining the energy of a theme park with the spectacular beauty of the area. You will find an incredible array of attractions in the area for your enjoyment.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Party Down in Cancun, Mexico!

Many American’s make a yearly pilgrimage to the beautiful area of Mexico known as Cancun. Cancun is only a few hundred feet from the countries most beautiful beaches and proudly boasts of some of the most modern hotel facilities one can find. It has the most entertaining social clubs and bars on the coast and the area has created the largest mall in Mexico.

As a city, Cancun is fairly young. A mere 35 years ago this area was nothing more then a small sandy barrier until someone devised a plan to develop the spot into a vacation paradise for the 21st century traveler. Cancun is now a medium size city featuring classy resort hotels, entertainment clubs and large modern malls filled with items from every corner of the globe. The city has something to offer everyone from all day parties on the beach to the tranquility of an isolated island.

At Cancun you can find everything your heart desires from the chic to the laidback style, from rock to techno or from old style Mexican food to the cheeseburgers that the youths so eagerly demand. In Cancun all tastes are welcomed and nurtured so is it any wonder that this tropical paradise is Mexico’s most famous resort.

Foremost of importance and renowned are Cancun’s popular sandy beaches. These gorgeous beaches consist of beautiful white sand silhouetted in a background of warm, turquoise waters from the surrounding Caribbean Sea. It is virtually impossible to not enjoy the beaches even if you do not enter the crystal clear waters. Here you can put on a swimsuit or bikini and bask in the rich Mexican sunshine.

Even topless bathing is quietly accepted in specific areas of Cancun as well as some of the associated areas along the Mayan Rivera. Keep in mind if you are so inclined that total nudity is not only rarely seen but also very illegal.

Most of the resorts and hotels are located in what is known as the Hotel Zone. This is a long strip of the island where you can find various lodgings. Kukulcan Boulevard is the only thoroughfare street in the area. Located on the western portion of the island is Laguna Nichupte. This is a rather large lagoon which houses hundreds of marinas, various waterfront restaurants, several shopping malls, quality golf courses, some small islands and sunsets as you have never viewed before.

For an interesting time in the sun plan your next vacation to the most beautiful tourist destination within Mexico. Visit Cancun for all your vacationing fun.

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Find Paradise in Akumal, Mexico

If you have ever visited Cancun Mexico then you surely must have gone to beautiful Akumal. This lovely Mexican city is a mere hour and ten minutes from the bustling Cancun. It is located along the Mexican Caribbean coast on the Yucatan peninsula.

This highly secret location has been considered one of Mexico’s hidden hideaways for many years. Its values were discovered only by visitors who dared to travel along the Mexican coastline in an effort to discover adventure at its finest. However, once this modern day secret had been discovered many tourists and travelers to the Yucatan area have found that they are drawn back year after year to this magical tropical paradise. In Akumal the environment is considered precious and all efforts are expended to maintain this pristine setting. If you are in search of a virgin landscape then this is the place for you to go.

Akumal is the center for the Centro Ecológico de Akumal which is a non-profit group whose purpose is to protect the environment and conduct ecologically friendly marine research and education. They fully support the protection of the sea turtle population within the area.

A walk though Akumal is similar to walking within a small eco-friendly community. With its length of sandy white beach, its pathways lined with swaying palm trees, the warm sun as well as the sound of the gently beating surf one tends to feel that they have landed on a tropical paradise. Within Akumal you can find three beautiful bays. This jewel of the Caribbean boasts the half Moon bay, the greater Akumal bay as well as the Aventuras Akumal bay. All are great locations for snorkeling or scuba diving. All three of Akumal’s bays feature a tropical reef that is begging for the underwater explorer to investigate its charm. Nearby you can find the beautiful Yal-ku Lagoon that proudly displays its calm, clear water and a popular beach front at the Akumal Bay.

Within the small confines of Akumal you will discover hidden restaurants which feature an abundance of locally caught seafood, quaint little out-of-the-way gift shops made for the curious visitor, several dive shops with an array of excellent equipment and family centered grocery stores. The nightlife is vivid and produces many fun filled beach bars which can be found at the Lol-ha and La Buena Vida.

Several additional attractions are but a skip and a jump from Akumal. You are in quick access to Jade Beach, Aventuras Akumal and South Akumal. All are merely a few minutes to the south from central Akumal. For a fun filled visit whether it is at night or during the daytime Aural offers the adventurous traveler a new insight into Mexican holidays.

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Blizzard Beach in Orlando

Blizzard Beach? Where in the world is Blizzard Beach? Are you one of those people who has not heard of Blizzard Beach? Well, let me tell you about this crowning jewel of Orlando Florida and my trip to this exciting resort.

I discovered that Blizzard Beach was the only place in the state of Florida where I could find snow everywhere however I observed no ice what-so-ever. Blizzard Beach is a 66 acre plot of land developed as a water adventure park and located at Orlando’s Disney World Resort.

Only at Blizzard Beach did I experience a water park that appeared as a ski resort amidst a tropical lagoon. Blizzard Beach developed when a freak winter storm deposited snow upon the western portion of Disney World’s property. With this idea in mind the management at Disney World developed the first Floridian snow ski resort.

Unfortunately, the planned did not quit develop as expected. The hot Florida temperatures soared higher and higher causing the ice and snow to quickly began to melt and disappear. The resort operators closed down shop just as quickly as they had opened their doors. Rumor has it that one of the operators noticed a small alligator sliding down the ice slopes and an idea was born. The operator realized that the melted snow created a very tall, fast and exciting water filled toboggan and ski run. As a result of these observations a ski resort and water adventure park developed and was born. The park was located north of the Disney All Star Resorts.

During my visit to the park I was greeted by the amazing views of "skiers" that were sliding down the side of a 90 foot snow crested mountain known as Mt. Gushmore. Mt. Gushmore is home to the parks newest waterslide affectionately called Downhill Double Dipper. This is the only side by side water slide which stands 50 feet in height and 200 feet in length. I ended up traveling 25 miles per hour caught in its twisting turns before finally being deposited through a shower of water. It also features a slalom course, both a water sled run and a toboggan slide. The 120 foot long Summit Plummet is the highlight of this theme park. This plummet is the nation's fastest and tallest free fall slide around.

Once I tired of the slides, I visited Teamboat Springs which brags as being the world's longest white water rafting ride anywhere. They take up to a family of six in a raft down the twisting 1200 foot water falls. Nearby I discovered the Toboggan Racer. This is an eight lane water slide which sends the guests racing over several exciting dips as they quickly descend the snow covered slope.

Don’t think for one moment that the fun ends here for included in these 66 acres of land are the Snow Stormers, the Runoff Rapids and the Chair Lift. If you plan a trip to Orlando and specifically to the Disney World Resorts you should especially make plans to see Blizzard Park.

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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Exploring Argentina

Argentina is located on the southern tip of South America and offers tourists a wide variety of travel destinations. Argentina is home to an amazing geographical landscape including glaciers, rainforests, mountains and cities that offer infinite opportunities for exploration and adventure.

If you decide to explore Argentina you should bring a selection of clothing that will work in both warn and cool climates. If you are planning to hike or ski in the Andes you will need warm clothing but if you are planning to visit the tropical lowlands you may wish to just pack a few warmer items for the cool nights.

Argentina boasts the tallest mountain peak in the Americas; Cerro Aconcagua which stands at 6,960 meters above sea level. Whether you want to hike the Andes in Patagonia or go skiing it makes no difference. The country provides the perfect setting for a vacation full of activities.

Mountain resorts are available for skiers and hikers alike and mountain resorts are spread throughout the Andes so you can choose the resort that suits your needs best easily. If you choose to hike in a non-resort area make sure you have a guide to show you the ropes of hiking in the Andes since it is easy to get lost or trapped in unsafe conditions.

If you are in the mood for city life Buenos Aires is a fabulous city to spend your vacation in. Buenos Aires is a modern city that offers shopping, cultural events and historical museums that offer a look into life in Argentina. Buenos Aires has a population of over 10 million people and has a warm, rainy climate. The main language spoken in Buenos Aires is Spanish a language that many of us are familiar with.

Buenos Aires is also home to the Colon Theatre which is world famous for the music performances that take place there. The Colon Theatre presents all different types of music including orchestra performances and opera. You may also visit botanical gardens, zoos and parks that are known around the world for their beauty.

No trip to Argentina is complete without a visit to the Los Glaciares National Park located in the Santa Cruz province. You can hike on the glacier on a guided tour as well as view the glacier from a boat that gives you a greater understanding of how enormous the glacier really is. The Los Glaciares National Park is also home to many birds, animals and plants that set Argentina apart from other travel destinations.

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