Monday, August 25, 2008

Puerto Aventuras – Adventure and Beauty

Traveling to Mexico's Caribbean coast is an exciting, exotic trip. You will find numerous cities and towns offer you fun and enjoyment. While cities like Cancun are obvious choices, the Riviera Maya offers many more options. Puerto Aventuras is one of the little known destinations in the area, offering you numerous ways in which to enjoy yourself.

Puerto Aventuras is a marina community, built around a spectacular deepwater marina. If you are sailing down the coast, this makes a safe harbor for your stay. You'll also find that the area is convenient to Cancun and all the rest of the Riviera Maya. A short trip down the coast is all it takes to find the best resort community in the region.

The community is home to numerous hotels and resorts, bungalows and condominiums. You will find no shortage of accommodations here. In addition, the area boasts numerous ways to enjoy your stay. The 9-hole golf course is a great way to enjoy a day in the tropical sun, while the tennis courts and other sporting options provide you with even more enjoyment.

One of the most popular ways to enjoy the area is sailing aboard a catamaran. You will find several companies and private operators offering charter trips. You can combine these trips with snorkeling, scuba diving and coastal exploration, as well. Deep-sea fishing trips are available and allow you to tackle numerous species of game fish for your enjoyment.

The marina, itself, is home to a large amount of enjoyment. You will find several options for shopping, from handicrafts to upscale shops. In addition, the marina disco is a great place to have fun once the sun goes down. Dining options around the marina run the gamut from traditional Mexican cuisine to island fare and even international dishes.

Alternatively, you can head out to Dos Ojos and other cenotes on the area. These freshwater sinkholes offer you diving, swimming and even underwater cave exploration. Filled with unique wildlife and stunning beauty, exploring cenotes has long been a popular way to enjoy the area. There are several national parks around the area offering you exploration of pristine jungle and seascapes. X'caret, Tres Rios and X'puha are nature theme parks in the area, combining the energy of a theme park with the spectacular beauty of the area. You will find an incredible array of attractions in the area for your enjoyment.

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