Thursday, February 26, 2009

Driving to South Akumal from the Cancun Airport

When vacationing in Akumal, you will find that rental automobiles provide an economical form of transportation in and around the area. You should take the direct route and go from the Cancun airport to Akumal via Highway #307.

Akumal is an easy trip on a well-maintained four lane divided roadway from the Cancun airport. We are about 100 kilometers south of the airport, which equals to a 1 to 1½ hour trip.

From the airport, take the first right exit to Highway 307. Just follow the Playa del Carmen exit signs south onto the roadway. There is a gas station and McDonalds on the right just after getting on 307 if you need gas or a snack. In 20 minutes, you can stop at Puerto Morelos for gas or a convenience store. Although many filling stations are available in Mexico, it’s always a good idea to stop if you have less than a quarter of a tank of gas left.

Further along highway 307, you will pass through Playa del Carmen. There are numerous restaurants here as well as mega supermarkets. Don’t go over 80 kph as they use radar heavily. And watch out for topes (speed bumps)! They love them in this entire area.

After you pass Puerto Aventuras, you are only 10 minutes from the Akumal exit.

To get to South Akumal check your odometer at the overpass in Akumal and go exactly 4 kilometers past Akumal to the returno at Bahia Principe and then go back towards Akumal for 2 kilometers where you will see the drive for South Akumal (Akumal Sur).

If you want to go to North Akumal just make a U-turn at the first returno after the overpass and then turn right at the overpass. When approaching the village of Akumal, you will pass an information station. This stand is an ideal place to pick up a regional map of the area for current and future use during your trip!

Just before the Arch, you will see the Super Chomack on your right, and Mulgren’s Lavenderia, Oshun Boutique, and Minisuper Las Palmas on your left. The outdoor market may be open, and is a good area to buy some fresh produce for a taste of the local fare. If you failed to make bookings before arriving in Akumal, the information station will also be able to refer you to a reputable local establishment.

Something to note about local drivers in Mexico is that observing stop signs is considered optional. Taxicabs seem to have the right of way, and it is best to simply stay patient and allow the other drivers to do what they wish.

Defensive driving is the most important skill when operating a car in and around Akumal. If you feel uncomfortable driving in a foreign land, perhaps you should hire a taxi driver.

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Friday, February 20, 2009

The Caribbean is a Swimmers Paradise!

Most people visit the Caribbean because of the areas warm white sand and its stunning crystal clear waters. Those followers of snorkeling or scuba diving find the attraction to the Caribbean to be like a magnet with its blue tropical water and the bright yellow fish scurrying between the glowing coral or to witness the delicate sea anemones merrily dancing within the ocean currents.

With the enormous number of ocean wildlife teeming along the reefs and the clear ocean which allows one to see for hundreds of feet the dive fan is destined to return year after year. The Caribbean has develop into the transitory home of thousands of divers seeking a pleasurable location to particulate in their sport. Whether you are a rank novice or if you are an knowledgeable pro this area has a lot to offer you.

Many non divers do not understand that snorkeling and scuba diving are essentially two different types of activities. As such many locations may not permit both activities so as a responsible underwater devotee you should be attentive as to where you can and cannot dive.

To help you understand diving or snorkeling in the Caribbean I will explain a few of the differences between these activities. To begin with snorkeler’s tend to float upon the water's surface while breathing through what is known as a snorkel while a scuba diver descends the oceans depth with the use of oxygen tanks strapped upon their back. Additionally for scuba diving a license and certification is necessary where snorkeling is available for anyone who so desires it.

If you wish to do some snorkeling while vacationing in the Caribbean all you need do is ask the resort operators where you can rent the necessary snorkels and fins. On some of the Caribbean islands you will find merchants located on the public beaches who can rent you the necessary equipment. Be sure to wear some sort of sun block since you will be swimming near the surface of the water. Usually vacationers do not realize that very severe cases of sunburn can be obtained because of the overhead intensity of the sun’s rays become magnifies.

A long sleeve shirt has been known to aid in preventing sunburn while snorkeling as well as to protect your arms from any type of accidental scratches. Another trick that the experienced snorkel participants use is to swim with their arms to their side making it less of a chance for scrapes.

As you can easily see the Caribbean is an excellent place to enjoy your favorite underwater activities and to view the fantastic sights that nature has so kindly provided for us.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Costa Rico, No Artificial Ingredients!

Any sort of vacation or trip to the beautiful country of Costa Rico represents an excellent travel decision on your part. If you have selected to voyage to Costa Rico for your next vacation trip then chances are excellent that you have an interest in beach related activities. As such it is important that you understand that Costa Rico is readily known for its amazing beaches.

Upon reaching your destination you will discover the Guanacaste coastline. This coastline is a very beautiful location which has the nickname of “Golden Coast.” Once you visit this coastline you will quickly realize why this particular area is referred to as the Golden Coast. Here you happen to be provided a view of one of the most pristine beaches you will come across in Costa Rico. It is pure and clean with water so clear you can easily see fish swimming along the edge f the waterline. So popular is the Guanacase coastline that it is known the world over for having the largest number of beach resorts in Costa Rico. Tourists flock to this coast for days or even weeks in an effort to enjoy the coastal activities which makes this coast the most popular destination within the Costa Rico area.

Another popular location where you would enjoy visiting is Montezuma. When you travel to Montezuma you will encounter nature at her very best. Here you can see Mother Nature on a face to face basis. Montezuma is located around Nicoya. If you wish to enjoy the natural culture of the country by residing in a small local type hotel during your stay then Montezuma is the town to visit as there is an abundance of small family owned hotels in the area waiting to show you some Costa Rican hospitality.

While residing in one of Montezuma’s small hotels you may wish to consider a side visit to the Cabo Blanco National Park. This park is centered amongst the many hotels in Montezuma making your trip to it quick and easy. Many times one can walk the short distance without difficulty.

Often as we watch television we catch a glimpse of an advertisement offering a trip to Costa Rico. All of that may appear as a dream to the majority of use however it really is not that costly to travel there. This dream can easily be fulfilled by a simple internet search and wisely comparing the resultant costs.

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Friday, February 13, 2009

Activities for Kids in Akumal Mexico

If you bring the children to Akumal on vacation, there are many activities here which are great for the younger members of the family. It’s important to keep the kids occupied and entertained in all of the fun activities here in Akumal.

Aside from touring the local Mayan ruins, snorkeling is maybe the most popular activity for all travelers to Akumal, and some of the places are especially fitting for the children. With a few safety measures, the kids can partake in this activity with little chance of injury or accident.

Well fitted life jackets should be worn by each child. Most villas provide these life jackets free of charge. These will not only prevent deadly accidents in the water, but will help to cover their torso and prevent sunburn in this area. It should also be applied frequently to avoid serious skin damage from the tropical Caribbean sun!

Yal-Ku Lagoon offers an outstanding location for young snorkelers. The calm waters of the area are free of choppy waters and multiple waves, allowing them to see the colorful ocean life easily. The bay in front of the houses in South Akumal also is perfect because of the reef blocking the waves.

A day at the beach is loved by all, and the children can occupy themselves with the white sand all day long. Buckets and shovels provide the chance to make sand castles while you rest and watch the children play. A sandy beach in front of your rental is a big plus. Most rental villas also have a fresh water pool with a Jacuzzi for the family to enjoy. Many also have kyacks for you to enjoy.

Always discuss with the children the importance of being aware of your surroundings before a day at the beach. They should not walk on turtle nests or dig around in them for fear of breaking eggs buried beneath the sand.

The Jungle Place is a great place to take the animal-loving children in the family. It is a sanctuary for spider monkeys situated four miles south of Akumal neat the pubelo of Chemuyil. Here, they can see many of the local wild animals which are caged or chained for safety. They may also play with the monkeys and talk to the many colorful parrots located here.

Places like Xel Ha, Hidden Worlds, Dolphin Adventures and Actun Chen also offer excitement for everyone in the family, and are good for even the smaller children. Hike the jungle to cenotes, tour a cavern, ride the zip-line in the jungle, swim with the dolphins, tube on a river, jump from a cliff, or eat homemade ice cream made at many of the local eateries. They are all within a ten minute drive of Akumal.

Depending whether your children are adventurous, interested in animals and nature, or simply happy to play in the water all day will help you to choose the proper activities for them to engage in. Talk with your kids about what they would like to see and do while in Akumal, and try to oblige at least one activity that even the children want to do.

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Tropical Fiji Islands

If you are like me and you are desperately seeking a wonderful refuge with plenty of sandy warm beaches then you may consider visiting the mystical islands of Fiji. Although Fiji information is readily available I would like to briefly mention a few highlights of this amazing vacation spot. This article is meant to enlighten you on the basic information relating to the islands of Fiji.

When you visit Fiji you will discover that Fiji consists of a group of islands which compose an island nation. Here on this island paradise you are going to discover the archipelago in the Vanutu’s east which is currently composed of 322 islands as well as 522 islets. Although as you can readily see there will be no problem with locating islands to explore in Fiji however you discover that you will have a difficult time attempting to visit all 322 of these islands.

These islands of Fiji are not only old but present an amazing history and display untold beautiful. Upon your arrival at the Fiji islands you will be provided a majestic view of the mountains which surround the islands. The natives are quick to relate to you that the highest peak in the mountains surrounding the Fiji islands is 4,250 feet. Around the Fiji islands as well as in the mountains you will find an abundance of beautiful rainforests which are filled with all sorts of exotic wildlife. Most people who have traveled to the Fiji islands remark that it was the best vacation that they could ever have taken.

There is no doubt that Fiji is home to some of the world’s finest beaches. When you first land in Fiji you can readily feel the wind blowing through your hair and view the beautiful crystal clear water. You can just imagine yourself sitting restfully on the beach with the one you love glancing at the clear water rushing against the beach with the background of the setting sun.

Fiji is an area of contrasts carefully mixing beauty with serenity. There can be no doubt that upon ones departure form Fiji that the islands will remain in the hearts of many individuals throughout the world. Who would not find the excitement mounting as you witness these volcanic mountains and the beautifully laid out tropical waters. A trip to the tropical rainforest or a visit to the nearby coconut plantation leaves a lasting impression upon the visitors to these exciting islands.

If you enjoy shopping then you will be love the shop opportunities of the Suva Islands. Once you view all the interesting and unique shops located in Suava Islands it will be difficult at best to depart to other islands.

Should water adventures be your choice in vacation fun you may possibly try the popular whitewater rafting. With all these islands complimented with the rainforest and its wonderful beaches you will never run out of activities to occupy your time while on the Fiji Islands.

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

China's Pandas

In the event you are seriously considering escaping your daily grind at the office and departing upon an exciting and challenging vacation the only problem you may encounter is where you wish to travel to. Amongst the places you may possibly consider is the ancient and exciting country of China. China has a long history dating back thousands of years and represents a unique and varied lifestyle vastly different from our own way of living.

Perhaps you are already aware that China is home to the rare but amazing giant pandas. The pandas are considered to be one of China’s national treasures and these creatures are adored by both the young and old from all parts of the globe. Many people visit China every year for the sole purpose of seeing the Giant Pandas in person. The giant pandas can be readily found in the Chinese states of Sichuan, Gansu and Shaanxi.

While visiting this amazing country you must make sure you stop at the Giant Panda Museum. The Giant Panda Museum was established in the year 1993 in order to advance the scientific studies associated with the Panda and to educate the public concerning the various issues which relate to protection of wild species and their environment. This museum is slightly different then any found in the western world. The Giant Panda Museum is known to be the world’s only museum which is firmly dedicated to endangered and rare animals only.

When you visit the Giant Panda Museum in China you will notice they have three main exhibition areas which are named the butterfly Hall, the Giant Panda Hall and the Vertebrate Hall. The walls of the museum are filled with a variety of interesting and informative posters and pictures of various animals.

After spending time at the museum your next stop should be Beijing. In Beijing you can easily discover an abundance of activities created to keep you and your family occupied for hours at a time. The Forbidden City in China is a magnificent structure and is known to be the world’s largest Imperial Palace. This palace currently consists of 8000 rooms however during its lifetime the palace once amassed over 9,999 rooms. Due to wars and natural disasters the last room count was reduced to a mere 8000. Surrounding the palace you will discover a moat that is over 18 feet deep accompanied by a wall that is over 33 feet high.

Beijing over the centuries has served as the capital city of many dynasties including the Ming, Yuan and Qing. Apart from the imperial palace we have mentioned you will also find many royal mausoleums like the Ming Tombs, Western Qing Tombs and the Eastern Qing Tombs.

China is a different world then what we know and it possesses many attractions which draw people from the far reaches of the globe.

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