Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Tropical Fiji Islands

If you are like me and you are desperately seeking a wonderful refuge with plenty of sandy warm beaches then you may consider visiting the mystical islands of Fiji. Although Fiji information is readily available I would like to briefly mention a few highlights of this amazing vacation spot. This article is meant to enlighten you on the basic information relating to the islands of Fiji.

When you visit Fiji you will discover that Fiji consists of a group of islands which compose an island nation. Here on this island paradise you are going to discover the archipelago in the Vanutu’s east which is currently composed of 322 islands as well as 522 islets. Although as you can readily see there will be no problem with locating islands to explore in Fiji however you discover that you will have a difficult time attempting to visit all 322 of these islands.

These islands of Fiji are not only old but present an amazing history and display untold beautiful. Upon your arrival at the Fiji islands you will be provided a majestic view of the mountains which surround the islands. The natives are quick to relate to you that the highest peak in the mountains surrounding the Fiji islands is 4,250 feet. Around the Fiji islands as well as in the mountains you will find an abundance of beautiful rainforests which are filled with all sorts of exotic wildlife. Most people who have traveled to the Fiji islands remark that it was the best vacation that they could ever have taken.

There is no doubt that Fiji is home to some of the world’s finest beaches. When you first land in Fiji you can readily feel the wind blowing through your hair and view the beautiful crystal clear water. You can just imagine yourself sitting restfully on the beach with the one you love glancing at the clear water rushing against the beach with the background of the setting sun.

Fiji is an area of contrasts carefully mixing beauty with serenity. There can be no doubt that upon ones departure form Fiji that the islands will remain in the hearts of many individuals throughout the world. Who would not find the excitement mounting as you witness these volcanic mountains and the beautifully laid out tropical waters. A trip to the tropical rainforest or a visit to the nearby coconut plantation leaves a lasting impression upon the visitors to these exciting islands.

If you enjoy shopping then you will be love the shop opportunities of the Suva Islands. Once you view all the interesting and unique shops located in Suava Islands it will be difficult at best to depart to other islands.

Should water adventures be your choice in vacation fun you may possibly try the popular whitewater rafting. With all these islands complimented with the rainforest and its wonderful beaches you will never run out of activities to occupy your time while on the Fiji Islands.

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