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Activities for Kids in Akumal Mexico

If you bring the children to Akumal on vacation, there are many activities here which are great for the younger members of the family. It’s important to keep the kids occupied and entertained in all of the fun activities here in Akumal.

Aside from touring the local Mayan ruins, snorkeling is maybe the most popular activity for all travelers to Akumal, and some of the places are especially fitting for the children. With a few safety measures, the kids can partake in this activity with little chance of injury or accident.

Well fitted life jackets should be worn by each child. Most villas provide these life jackets free of charge. These will not only prevent deadly accidents in the water, but will help to cover their torso and prevent sunburn in this area. It should also be applied frequently to avoid serious skin damage from the tropical Caribbean sun!

Yal-Ku Lagoon offers an outstanding location for young snorkelers. The calm waters of the area are free of choppy waters and multiple waves, allowing them to see the colorful ocean life easily. The bay in front of the houses in South Akumal also is perfect because of the reef blocking the waves.

A day at the beach is loved by all, and the children can occupy themselves with the white sand all day long. Buckets and shovels provide the chance to make sand castles while you rest and watch the children play. A sandy beach in front of your rental is a big plus. Most rental villas also have a fresh water pool with a Jacuzzi for the family to enjoy. Many also have kyacks for you to enjoy.

Always discuss with the children the importance of being aware of your surroundings before a day at the beach. They should not walk on turtle nests or dig around in them for fear of breaking eggs buried beneath the sand.

The Jungle Place is a great place to take the animal-loving children in the family. It is a sanctuary for spider monkeys situated four miles south of Akumal neat the pubelo of Chemuyil. Here, they can see many of the local wild animals which are caged or chained for safety. They may also play with the monkeys and talk to the many colorful parrots located here.

Places like Xel Ha, Hidden Worlds, Dolphin Adventures and Actun Chen also offer excitement for everyone in the family, and are good for even the smaller children. Hike the jungle to cenotes, tour a cavern, ride the zip-line in the jungle, swim with the dolphins, tube on a river, jump from a cliff, or eat homemade ice cream made at many of the local eateries. They are all within a ten minute drive of Akumal.

Depending whether your children are adventurous, interested in animals and nature, or simply happy to play in the water all day will help you to choose the proper activities for them to engage in. Talk with your kids about what they would like to see and do while in Akumal, and try to oblige at least one activity that even the children want to do.

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