Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Auckland New Zealand

When we were in New Zealand a few years ago we rode the Shotover Jet.  It was exciting to say the least!  the boat drivers are maniacs.  Anyway, we survived and thoroughly enjoyed our week in this beautiful country. 

Auckland is one of the largest cities in New Zealand and a very prominent tourist hub, thanks to the number of things to see and do in and around the city. Whether you want an activity that will pump your adrenalin such as sky jumping, you can get yourself strapped up and jump off from the tallest building in Auckland, the Sky Tower. If that sounds a bit more daring for you, why not go bungee jumping and wean yourself into sky jumping for your next holiday in Auckland? Away from adrenalin intriguing activities, you can also enjoy less intriguing activities such as taking excursions at the charming botanical gardens, taking safaris and even visiting the aquariums where you get to see the dolphin and whales among other aquamarines.

Lovers of history will not be disappointed in Auckland thanks to the numerous museums. Alternatively, you can visit the Howick Historical Village and get to experience rich architecture at its finest from the Maori buildings which are home to numerous historical artifacts from within and without the region. If you like, you can hire a Maori Guided tour who will guide you in the area and tell to you the ancient stories about the historical tribes that reside in the Howick Historical Village. The region has so much to do and see that you will need a lot of time, a month to be precise, to be able to explore all there is to.

Do you love nature and wouldn’t mind to take a 90km flight or cruise outside the Great Barrier Island? Then you might want to explore the pristine paradise that has amazing bird and marine life and very charming native forests. Auckland has endless spots for exploration and an overabundance of sporting activities to engage in.

Auckland Beaches
The east coast and west coast beaches are the closest of beaches around Auckland, offering charming clean sand beaches and ideal waters for swimming and engaging in water sporting activities. If you wish to engage in surfing, head on to the west coast beaches. The best thing about Auckland Beaches is that they are within an hour’s drive from the heart of the city.

Auckland boasts the most vivacious, engaging, and entertaining nightlife. Elegant bars and venues are located at the waterfront, offering a picturesque panoramic view of the beaches. Being a cosmopolitan city, you will be lost for options when it comes to entertainment from comedy shows, to theater performances, trendy bars, and flashy casinos, and clubs that will ensure you shake you leg till morning.

The best way to remember a destination is to take something with you, whether it is a gift souvenir for you or for a loved one. Luckily, Auckland has numerous up market elegant designer shops and department stores selling home wares, fashion clothing, jewelry and a lot more. There are flea open markets that stock tourist souvenirs such as arts and crafts and locally handmade carvings. Such a wide variety only means that there is something for everyone no matter the budget.

Auckland boasts of the best restaurants and cafés within and without the city, selling mouthwatering international and local delicacies to satisfy every taste bud. The most popular type of food in Auckland is sea food thus be prepared to sample it prepared in different recipes.

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