Monday, July 26, 2010

Festivities in Barcelona

Barcelona is a great place to visit during one of their many festivals. Why? Because excitement abounds and the festivities will offer you an experience that will last you a lifetime, and one that will make you want to return to Barcelona and do it all over again. The history of the city of Barcelona creates an amalgamation of ancient pagan rituals and today’s strong sense of religion, culminating in great celebrations that can go on for days on end.

Late February running through the 3rd of March there is the Carnival which takes place at night. Carnival was banned by the Franco dictatorship but today people get to enjoy the most exciting carnival experience ever. On the last day they celebrate Saint Medir with a loud procession and singing choirs.

In the beginning of the month of March marks the beginning of the Holy Week with a palm session for the Palm Sunday. As expected, festivities throughout the week will be religious and solemn in nature, until Easter Sunday when celebrations start anew. Festivities will run through to Easter Monday which happens to be a pagan holiday.

April marks the celebrations honoring Saint Jordi which also combines with rose and book festivities. It is a time in which Pagan meets religion in these engaging and entertaining, and at times guttural, celebrations.

June sees the start of the El Grec celebrations which are marked by dancing, events, concerts, and a series of performances.

The month of August sees Barcelonans and visitors celebrate the Feast of the Assumption which is marked with festivities and parties and great feasts.

September introduces to you the Festivity of La Merce (the patron saint of Barcelona), a period characterized by parades and dancing. You get sporting activities such as judo tournaments, sailing regattas, walking races, and even swimming competitions. Pagan rituals and religious ceremonies coincide harmoniously during this period.

The Month of December as expected is equally full of festivities, with Santa Lucia starting from the start of the month all through to Christmas. Santa Lucia is characterized by the annual crib fare which traditionally starts at the cathedral area. Santa Lucia festivities will merge with the Christmas Traditions to result in a very interesting combination of pagan rituals and religious anticipation. Generally though, the main celebration of Christmas is a private home affair.

Ushering the New Year is one of the biggest celebrations in Barcelona with people in the restaurants, bars, and even the streets dressing up for the party. The atmosphere is normally a carnival one and as the clock ticks towards twelve, the strike of 12 sees people eat twelve grapes in tandem with each of the chimes.

Ensure you make note of all of the festivities in Barcelona when planning your holiday and join in the festivities. Many restaurants and stores are closed during the celebrations so plan ahead.

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RNSANE said...

Barcelona is one of my favorite of all cities. I've been fortunate to visit it on seven occasions in the last twenty years and each visit has been so special to me.
It is a bustling wonderful city, an architectural treasure, with so much to see and do - and, with the Mediterranean lapping its shores, the most wonderful seafood!

Alejikos said...

Very good blog I'd like to say to you congratulations!!

As you well said, Barcelona is of the most beautiful cities I've ever seen, the people there is fantastic, the streets are alive and you can feel how special it is! I was there for first time a week ago enjoying these Barcelona hop on hop off tour that I strongly recommend!


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