Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Condo and Home Rental Features in Akumal, Mexico

Staying in a hotel or resort is a wonderful choice for any vacation, but home and condo rentals offer a number of other features in Akumal, Mexico. Many of the benefits, though, include the privacy that you are afforded during your stay. In fact, privacy is among the top features for a home and condo rental.

One of the most important home rental features that you will find is the ability to have multiple bedrooms. Whether you want two, three, four, or more bedrooms, you can find homes or condos that provide those options for you. This is most beneficial for families who want the space and privacy they need to fully enjoy their vacation.

Similar to the number of bedrooms, home and condo rentals also provide multiple bathrooms. Including both full and half baths, there are plenty of baths for everyone in your group to get ready each day. Most home and condo rentals feature fully furnished kitchens, provide all linens and towels for your stay.

Indoor features include satellite television, wireless connections for laptops, computers with Internet capabilities, and stereo/radio systems. For those who enjoy the outdoors, many home rental features include the use of a swimming pool, kayaks, sunbathing, and much more. They can even be found on the white sandy beaches with amazing ocean views. An outdoor shower can help everyone clean up before heading into the house.

If you are looking for a little more luxury, some home rentals features in Akumal include air conditioning, maid service, and even complimentary massages. To determine what you need, you can conduct researches on home rentals to see what is available, what those features add to the cost of your rental, and much more.

Finding your accommodations is one of the most important steps for planning your vacation in Akumal, Mexico. Given the outdoor beauty in Akumal, you may not believe that you require many of these features, but depending on the length of your stay, you will soon find out that these home rental features will make the difference between a good and a great vacation.

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Best Time to Travel to Akumal Mexico

Like many other vacation spots in the world, Akumal and the Riviera Maya region definitely has it high season and low season for travel. This is based mainly on the fact that this region of the Yucatan does not have the traditional four seasons, but two – rainy season and dry season.

Obviously, high season is when dry season is happening. Dry season begins in the middle of December and lasts through April. The weather is pleasant, with the average temperature being 80 degrees and every day is sunny. It’s almost guaranteed the every day will be a beach day, diving day or day for exploring the jungles and ruins of the area. It’s also guaranteed that hotel rooms and villa rentals are a lot higher in high season, and shop owners are less likely to want to bargain when selling their wares.

Low season is rainy season and that lasts from late April through November. It used to be the case that accommodations during low season were much cheaper to come by in Akumal and throughout the region because of rainy season, but with the area’s increasing popularity, hotels and other accommodations are less likely to come down too much in price as people are willing to chance taking the trip during low season. You will still have less crowds and it will be easier to find accommodation during the low season. However, extreme discounts like 50% off on hotels and other accommodations are a thing of the past.

There are deals to be found during low season if you are willing to take the chance on the fact that there will be rainy weather, and when there is no rain, temperatures can soar to a sweltering 110 degrees. There are fewer tourists in town during low season as compared to high season, so this can make access to the jungle tours, ruins, accommodations and wildlife preserves a little easier. While fewer hotels are slashing their prices during low season, there are cheap accommodations that can be found if you do a little homework.

If water temperature is important to you, traveling during low season may be a better option. While the weather during high season is dry and pleasant, many find the water temperature of the ocean too cold to comfortably swim and snorkel in. The low season offers hotter temperatures and the water is a lot warmer. People who want to take advantage of swimming in the natural sinkholes known as cenotes will appreciate an icy dip in these fresh water sources that dot the landscape surrounding Akumal. They can be refreshing on a hot 100 degree day, but may be too cold for bathers in the high season.

Choosing when the best time to travel to Akumal depends on your preference. High season offers sunny weather, dry conditions but very cold water for swimming. Low season offers extremely hot temperatures and the possibility of a lot of rain, but warm water for swimming and snorkeling. Whichever season you travel to Akumal in, you are bound to enjoy this beautiful town located in the Riviera Maya on the Yucatan Peninsula. For more information on hotels and lodging in Akumal, visit HotelsCombined.com.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Beautiful Newfoundland Canada

Newfoundland is one of the beautiful provinces in Canada and has become a vacation spot for anyone who loves to participate in all that nature has to offer. There are several outdoors activities that the whole family can become involved in and fully enjoy including skiing and hiking.

Hiking is at its finest in the Newfoundland province. You can hike the Trans Canada Trial which leads to every province in Canada. The Tans Canada Trail is over twenty thousand kilometers long so you will probably only want to hike a very small portion of that trail.

Skiing has always been and still is one of the sports that make Newfoundland a distinctive destination in Canada. There are many different areas that are open in the cooler months for skiing including the Marble Mountain area in Steady Brook. There is even a snow school for anyone who has not had skiing experience to learn the ropes involved in this sport.

Skiing takes on a new life in the beautiful mountains of Canada which are filled with all of the traditional foods and culture of the country. Moose is a particularly interesting food and certainly something that the adventurous members of your family will enjoy trying at least once.

If you are in Newfoundland on a hiking trip then you will encounter some of the various wildlife first hand as you wander around the region. Moose are the most common animals that one finds in the area although there are plenty of birds and small mammals there to observe.

The Gos Morne National Park offers hundreds of animals including bears and fish that make their home in the Newfoundland area. You will also want to spend some time observing the birds of the area since there are over two hundred different varieties in the park.

The cities of Newfoundland are quaint and offer a wide variety of home cooked meals for everyone to enjoy. The specialties of the region include the traditional fish and chips as well as a wide variety of seafood dishes. The town of St. Johns is a must visit in Newfoundland since it boasts a traditional Irish atmosphere that is unique to the region. St. Johns offers charming bed and breakfast lodging that will make even the most cautious traveler feel right at home since the people in the town are just as friendly as the friends you already have.

Newfoundland is a wonderful place to visit offering both sports activities and wonderful homemade foods and crafts that will tempt you to extend your trip for an extra week or so.

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Monday, December 22, 2008

Experience the Wonders of the Riviera Maya

The Mexican Caribbean has long been a popular destination for tourists with Cozumel, Cancun and Playa de Carmen booming with tourism and nightlife. While many people enjoy the exciting pace of these popular destinations, they also enjoy paying a visit to the small, laid back town of Akumal, known for its quaint shops and restaurants, the best snorkeling and diving in the region, and its jungles and Mayan ruins that harkens back to the days when Akumal was a major trade route for this ancient civilization.

A day trip to Akumal is only 20 minutes away from Playa de Carmen and offers quieter beaches, unspoiled ecological sights and some of the best diving in the world. Day tours can be arranged from Cancun and other destinations in the region and is the perfect opportunity to escape the overcrowded beaches of the more bustling resort towns. You can explore the lush jungles and the ancient Mayan ruins of Tulum, which is conveniently located just 20 minutes away. Exploring the jungle and the Mayan ruins can give you a taste of the ancient civilization that once thrived here and see a part of Riviera Maya that you can’t see in Cancun or Playa de Carmen.

Akumal is a diver and snorkeler paradise and has the world’s second largest reef located just off its coast. Cancun does not offer much in the way of diving and snorkeling, but Akumal has many opportunities to explore shipwrecks, caves and the largest number of cenotes on the Yucatan peninsula. Cenotes are naturally occurring sinkholes that dot the landscape surrounding Akumal. The Mayans believed them to be sacred, and they still provide fresh water swimming, diving and snorkeling today. They have many underwater cave diving experiences that hardcore diving enthusiasts or even the novice diver are bound to find fascinating.

A day trip to Akumal offers travelers the opportunity to explore the turtle beaches, the natural habitat of several species of sea turtles who come from the sea in April to nest and leave with their hatchlings in November. Akumal is a town that prides itself of its ecological heritage and preservation of natural marine habitats. It’s the perfect day trip excursion for the ecotourist, with a large natural aquarium where you can observe marine life in their natural protected habitat.

The quaint town of Akumal offers shops and restaurants that are sure to please any traveler. With the beaches and bays within walking distance, you can buy Mayan crafts and dine on traditional Mayan cuisine. Spending a day exploring Akumal and its pristine beaches and beautiful jungles may lead the day tripper to consider Akumal as a destination for a longer stay in the future.

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Beautiful Alberta, Canada

Alberta, Canada is a wonderful travel destination that is relatively close to home. You will love the fact that most of the inhabitants speak English and that there here you can find all of the amenities that you are familiar with. If you are traveling to Alberta in the winter however you will definitely want to make sure that you bring all of your warmest winter gear along.

Alberta is a wonderful place to travel when you want to experience the outdoors lifestyle found in North America. There are several camping sites which are great for complete family trips. You will find that there are several lakes and rivers in the area as well.

After you have spent some enjoyable time fishing and camping you can head to the Rockies which lie in the Alberta region for some simple or complex hiking experiences. If you are an inexperienced hiker you will want to hire a guide to assist you on your first hiking trip into the Rockies. The wonderful feel of the Rockies and the plains of Alberta are deeply intertwined in the cities as well. The main cities of Alberta offer many parks and rivers that snake through the cities borders. You can wander through several national parks in the Alberta region including the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park.

The climate in Alberta is temperate with very cold winters and hot summer seasons. If you travel to Alberta in the summer months you will still need to bring along some warm clothes especially if you are spending your evenings camping. The nights in the region are known to be especially cool and you will want to be prepared for this weather. The mountainous areas around the Rockies are particularly cool as is the areas around the rivers and lakes of Alberta.

The cities found in Alberta are considered some of the safest locations in the world with a relatively low crime rate. There are many hotels, shopping malls and restaurants in the city of Edmonton which is the capital of the province. Edmonton is home to over thirty plus yearly festivals which feature everything from music events to sports activities.

The city of Edmonton offers a variety of wildlife and nature exhibits such as zoos and parks which tend to line the valley. The river flowing through the valley is boasted as one of the cleanest and most ecologically green in the continent especially since Edmonton has begun to engage in more Earth friendly practices.

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Friday, December 5, 2008

The Centro Ecologico Akumal and the Place of the Turtle

Akumal is home to beautiful beaches, resorts and some of the best diving in the world. It is also a place that takes great pride in their ecological achievement and their preservation of natural habitats for turtles and other marine wildlife. The Centro Ecologico Akumal (CEA) is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to preserving and protecting the ecosystem of Akumal from unsustainable development. They offer educational programs and volunteer opportunities for students and eco travelers who want to observe marine wildlife in their natural habitats and help maintain the integrity of the natural surroundings.

Akumal is known as the place of the turtle, and its turtle beaches are the temporary home to sea turtles that come to nest. The Centro Ecologico Akumal protects the natural habitat of the sea turtle and the greater Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System. Tourists will see a variety of sea turtles nesting, and eating along the beaches. The turtle beaches stretch from Half Moon Bay, Akumal Bay to Jade Beach, and there are plenty of opportunities to observe these turtles in their natural habitat.

The Centro Ecologico Akumal offers turtle walks and tours, as well as volunteer opportunities to preserve recently redeveloped wetlands, preserving the mangroves and aiding researchers and scientists as they study the coral reefs and natural habitats of Akumal.

Turtle season refers to when the Green and Loggerhead turtles come to Akumal to lay their eggs and nest. The season runs from April when the turtles come to shore, to November when they and their hatchlings return to sea. The Centro Ecologico Akumal has a turtle protection program that tourists can get involved in and it is a true wonder of nature to witness the nesting and hatching of a whole new generation of sea turtles. Tourists and residents alike take pride in the ecological integrity that Akumal offers, and there is a lot of dedication to these gentle, lovable sea creatures who have chosen Akumal as their place to create new life.

The Centro Ecologico Akumal offers tourists a chance to participate in the betterment of the environment through its many educational and volunteer programs. If you are looking to take a vacation to make a difference, Akumal may just be the perfect ecotourism destination for you. You can be an active participant in maintaining and preserving the integrity of the sea turtle habitats, as well as explore the ecological wonders of this region of the Yucatan Peninsula.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Touring the Mayan Ruins of the Riviera Maya

A trip to Akumal and the Riviera Maya region of Mexico would not be complete without a visit to one of the numerous Mayan ruins in the area. This area is steeped in the history of this ancient civilization that still influences the art, cuisine and culture of the region today. Akumal and its surroundings were important trade routes for the Mayans and archaeologists are continuing to uncover many ruins of this once mighty civilization.

One of the most popular ruins to visit not only near Akumal but in all of Mexico is Tulum. There are also the Coba and Xel-Ha which are all conveniently located not far from Akumal and other areas in the Riviera Maya region. They are accessible by car or if you prefer, you can arrange to take a tour bus.

One of the biggest secrets to really enjoying the Mayan ruins in Tulum is to get there early in the day. The ruins open at 8:00 a.m., long before the sweltering heat of the midday sun. Most of the tour buses don’t arrive that early, so if you want to spend some quiet time taking in the site, you can rent a car and get there early in the morning. The tranquility coupled with the milder temperature will help you really enjoy the beauty and wonder of these ancient ruins.

Arriving early means you can explore a little bit on your own before taking a guided tour. The beauty of the ruins of Tulum are that they are situated on a cliff overlooking the Caribbean, and you can take the steps down to a pristine private beach and enjoy some serene time before you take a more formal tour and learn about the ancient civilization that once thrived in this region. To really enjoy having some private time, get there early and get to the ticket counter as soon as possible so you can really enjoy the cliffs and beaches amidst the ruins.

Tour buses arrive at 9 a.m. and if you prefer that route, you can take a guided tour of the ruins. Each of the ruins are marked with plaques in several languages so you can take a self guided tour, or hire a tour guide to get some real insight to the Mayan culture and the history behind these majestic ruins. Tour guides are available just outside the ruins and most of them are multilingual so you can find one that speaks your language and can give you a full tour of the ruins and answer any questions you may have. You can also tour the ruins on your own. The ruins at Tulum has a bookstore where you can purchase a book about the ruins and guide yourself through the ruins. Either way, a tour of the Mayan ruins of this region is a must-see on any itinerary.

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Monday, December 1, 2008

Exotic Singapore

The island city/nation of Singapore's name literally means 'Lion City'. It is a modern nation which features tall skyscrapers and a huge manufacturing district.

The country is a wonderful mix of modern society and the traditional Chinese culture even though many of its historic buildings were destroyed in WWII.

Singapore is a popular travel destination with over 10 million visitors a year making tourism one of Singapore's larger industries. The well-known Orchard Road shopping district a popular tourist stop. The government has legalised gambling and two casino have opened. Food is one of the best attractions found in Singapore. These foods are happily offered from various street vendors and restaurants at all hours around the clock. You can try the local favorites or if you desire you can locate a café that caters to Westerners. Singaporean cuisine is an example of cultural diffusion and diversity in Singapore, with a fusion of Chinese, Indian, Malay and Tamil influences. Cuisine has also been heavily promoted as an attraction for tourists, with a Singapore Food Festival in July of each year.

Singapore is also a a medical tourism hub — about 200,000 foreigners seek high quality, low cost medical care in the country each year.

Uniquely, Singapore is one of the few countries in the world which has no interior fresh water supply at all. The island instead purchases its water from other nearby countries or uses rainwater that has been treated for its water supply.

The climate of Singapore is tropical with rains that occur on a daily basis. You should not let the rains hamper your travels however since most of the storms are very short lived and sunshine prevails in only a short period of time. The heaviest rains occur in the winter months which are when the monsoon rains come to the Southeastern Asian countries.

Singapore is very hot and humid and you should use sunscreen or carry an umbrella to protect yourself from the both the sun and the rains. Luckily, there are many indoors activities available in the Singapore area including shopping and dining centers.

Singapore offers a wide variety of ethnic people, diverse religions and even varied national holidays that reflect these diverse people’s cultures and values. The Lunar New Year is perhaps the most celebrated holiday of each year particularly enjoyable in the larger cities of the nation.

Singapore is one of the strictest nations about the importation of goods through customs and has restrictions about small items such as chewing gum to a strict death penalty if you import drugs into the country. Some media such as magazines and movies may also be subject to seizure. Other than the strict customs requirements of Singapore you should experience very little trouble entering the country. You can easily choose a fourteen day stay although United States citizens can be allowed up to a ninety day stay at a time.

Here you can experience all the traditional activities usually associated with an island in the city of Singapore including snorkeling and diving. You may decide to take one of the guided tours of the city since they are offered several times a day from various locations within the city.

Most of the people in Singapore understand English so you will be able to find your way around the country fairly easily particularly if you are in a tourist area of the city.

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