Friday, February 20, 2009

The Caribbean is a Swimmers Paradise!

Most people visit the Caribbean because of the areas warm white sand and its stunning crystal clear waters. Those followers of snorkeling or scuba diving find the attraction to the Caribbean to be like a magnet with its blue tropical water and the bright yellow fish scurrying between the glowing coral or to witness the delicate sea anemones merrily dancing within the ocean currents.

With the enormous number of ocean wildlife teeming along the reefs and the clear ocean which allows one to see for hundreds of feet the dive fan is destined to return year after year. The Caribbean has develop into the transitory home of thousands of divers seeking a pleasurable location to particulate in their sport. Whether you are a rank novice or if you are an knowledgeable pro this area has a lot to offer you.

Many non divers do not understand that snorkeling and scuba diving are essentially two different types of activities. As such many locations may not permit both activities so as a responsible underwater devotee you should be attentive as to where you can and cannot dive.

To help you understand diving or snorkeling in the Caribbean I will explain a few of the differences between these activities. To begin with snorkeler’s tend to float upon the water's surface while breathing through what is known as a snorkel while a scuba diver descends the oceans depth with the use of oxygen tanks strapped upon their back. Additionally for scuba diving a license and certification is necessary where snorkeling is available for anyone who so desires it.

If you wish to do some snorkeling while vacationing in the Caribbean all you need do is ask the resort operators where you can rent the necessary snorkels and fins. On some of the Caribbean islands you will find merchants located on the public beaches who can rent you the necessary equipment. Be sure to wear some sort of sun block since you will be swimming near the surface of the water. Usually vacationers do not realize that very severe cases of sunburn can be obtained because of the overhead intensity of the sun’s rays become magnifies.

A long sleeve shirt has been known to aid in preventing sunburn while snorkeling as well as to protect your arms from any type of accidental scratches. Another trick that the experienced snorkel participants use is to swim with their arms to their side making it less of a chance for scrapes.

As you can easily see the Caribbean is an excellent place to enjoy your favorite underwater activities and to view the fantastic sights that nature has so kindly provided for us.

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