Friday, August 15, 2008

Blizzard Beach in Orlando

Blizzard Beach? Where in the world is Blizzard Beach? Are you one of those people who has not heard of Blizzard Beach? Well, let me tell you about this crowning jewel of Orlando Florida and my trip to this exciting resort.

I discovered that Blizzard Beach was the only place in the state of Florida where I could find snow everywhere however I observed no ice what-so-ever. Blizzard Beach is a 66 acre plot of land developed as a water adventure park and located at Orlando’s Disney World Resort.

Only at Blizzard Beach did I experience a water park that appeared as a ski resort amidst a tropical lagoon. Blizzard Beach developed when a freak winter storm deposited snow upon the western portion of Disney World’s property. With this idea in mind the management at Disney World developed the first Floridian snow ski resort.

Unfortunately, the planned did not quit develop as expected. The hot Florida temperatures soared higher and higher causing the ice and snow to quickly began to melt and disappear. The resort operators closed down shop just as quickly as they had opened their doors. Rumor has it that one of the operators noticed a small alligator sliding down the ice slopes and an idea was born. The operator realized that the melted snow created a very tall, fast and exciting water filled toboggan and ski run. As a result of these observations a ski resort and water adventure park developed and was born. The park was located north of the Disney All Star Resorts.

During my visit to the park I was greeted by the amazing views of "skiers" that were sliding down the side of a 90 foot snow crested mountain known as Mt. Gushmore. Mt. Gushmore is home to the parks newest waterslide affectionately called Downhill Double Dipper. This is the only side by side water slide which stands 50 feet in height and 200 feet in length. I ended up traveling 25 miles per hour caught in its twisting turns before finally being deposited through a shower of water. It also features a slalom course, both a water sled run and a toboggan slide. The 120 foot long Summit Plummet is the highlight of this theme park. This plummet is the nation's fastest and tallest free fall slide around.

Once I tired of the slides, I visited Teamboat Springs which brags as being the world's longest white water rafting ride anywhere. They take up to a family of six in a raft down the twisting 1200 foot water falls. Nearby I discovered the Toboggan Racer. This is an eight lane water slide which sends the guests racing over several exciting dips as they quickly descend the snow covered slope.

Don’t think for one moment that the fun ends here for included in these 66 acres of land are the Snow Stormers, the Runoff Rapids and the Chair Lift. If you plan a trip to Orlando and specifically to the Disney World Resorts you should especially make plans to see Blizzard Park.

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