Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Party Down in Cancun, Mexico!

Many American’s make a yearly pilgrimage to the beautiful area of Mexico known as Cancun. Cancun is only a few hundred feet from the countries most beautiful beaches and proudly boasts of some of the most modern hotel facilities one can find. It has the most entertaining social clubs and bars on the coast and the area has created the largest mall in Mexico.

As a city, Cancun is fairly young. A mere 35 years ago this area was nothing more then a small sandy barrier until someone devised a plan to develop the spot into a vacation paradise for the 21st century traveler. Cancun is now a medium size city featuring classy resort hotels, entertainment clubs and large modern malls filled with items from every corner of the globe. The city has something to offer everyone from all day parties on the beach to the tranquility of an isolated island.

At Cancun you can find everything your heart desires from the chic to the laidback style, from rock to techno or from old style Mexican food to the cheeseburgers that the youths so eagerly demand. In Cancun all tastes are welcomed and nurtured so is it any wonder that this tropical paradise is Mexico’s most famous resort.

Foremost of importance and renowned are Cancun’s popular sandy beaches. These gorgeous beaches consist of beautiful white sand silhouetted in a background of warm, turquoise waters from the surrounding Caribbean Sea. It is virtually impossible to not enjoy the beaches even if you do not enter the crystal clear waters. Here you can put on a swimsuit or bikini and bask in the rich Mexican sunshine.

Even topless bathing is quietly accepted in specific areas of Cancun as well as some of the associated areas along the Mayan Rivera. Keep in mind if you are so inclined that total nudity is not only rarely seen but also very illegal.

Most of the resorts and hotels are located in what is known as the Hotel Zone. This is a long strip of the island where you can find various lodgings. Kukulcan Boulevard is the only thoroughfare street in the area. Located on the western portion of the island is Laguna Nichupte. This is a rather large lagoon which houses hundreds of marinas, various waterfront restaurants, several shopping malls, quality golf courses, some small islands and sunsets as you have never viewed before.

For an interesting time in the sun plan your next vacation to the most beautiful tourist destination within Mexico. Visit Cancun for all your vacationing fun.

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