Sunday, August 17, 2008

Find Paradise in Akumal, Mexico

If you have ever visited Cancun Mexico then you surely must have gone to beautiful Akumal. This lovely Mexican city is a mere hour and ten minutes from the bustling Cancun. It is located along the Mexican Caribbean coast on the Yucatan peninsula.

This highly secret location has been considered one of Mexico’s hidden hideaways for many years. Its values were discovered only by visitors who dared to travel along the Mexican coastline in an effort to discover adventure at its finest. However, once this modern day secret had been discovered many tourists and travelers to the Yucatan area have found that they are drawn back year after year to this magical tropical paradise. In Akumal the environment is considered precious and all efforts are expended to maintain this pristine setting. If you are in search of a virgin landscape then this is the place for you to go.

Akumal is the center for the Centro Ecológico de Akumal which is a non-profit group whose purpose is to protect the environment and conduct ecologically friendly marine research and education. They fully support the protection of the sea turtle population within the area.

A walk though Akumal is similar to walking within a small eco-friendly community. With its length of sandy white beach, its pathways lined with swaying palm trees, the warm sun as well as the sound of the gently beating surf one tends to feel that they have landed on a tropical paradise. Within Akumal you can find three beautiful bays. This jewel of the Caribbean boasts the half Moon bay, the greater Akumal bay as well as the Aventuras Akumal bay. All are great locations for snorkeling or scuba diving. All three of Akumal’s bays feature a tropical reef that is begging for the underwater explorer to investigate its charm. Nearby you can find the beautiful Yal-ku Lagoon that proudly displays its calm, clear water and a popular beach front at the Akumal Bay.

Within the small confines of Akumal you will discover hidden restaurants which feature an abundance of locally caught seafood, quaint little out-of-the-way gift shops made for the curious visitor, several dive shops with an array of excellent equipment and family centered grocery stores. The nightlife is vivid and produces many fun filled beach bars which can be found at the Lol-ha and La Buena Vida.

Several additional attractions are but a skip and a jump from Akumal. You are in quick access to Jade Beach, Aventuras Akumal and South Akumal. All are merely a few minutes to the south from central Akumal. For a fun filled visit whether it is at night or during the daytime Aural offers the adventurous traveler a new insight into Mexican holidays.

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