Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Beautiful Belize

If you are ready for the ultimate tropical getaway then pack your bags and head to Belize. Belize is home to everything from beautiful beaches to ancient ruins and is steeped in cultural history that everyone can enjoy. Next time you are ready to escape winter or when you are simply ready for a change of scene Belize can offer you a wide range of activities for those who desire to relax and enjoy the atmosphere as well as for those who are ready to go out and see what the area has to offer.

Most of us dream of spending our vacation days lounging upon a warm beach or snorkeling and enjoying the ocean with its underwater inhabitants. Belize is home to a massive barrier reef which has caused most of the country’s coast to be bordered by mangrove swamps, but you can find great ocean adventures on Ambergris Caye.

Belize beaches are also thought to be among the safest since the barrier reef protects them. The barrier reef is also home to countless ocean inhabitants while representing the second largest in the world. While you may not find endless stretches of white, sandy beaches in Belize you will find amazing snorkeling and diving which definitely makes up for the lack of sand.

The most famous Mayan ruins in Belize are found in Altun Ha, a site that has significant local history. The Altun Ha ruins date back to 250 A.D. and are even featured prominently upon the national currency of Belize. If you are going to Belize just to see the ruins you may enjoy going on one of the tours that visit several ruin locations within the country.

If you are more adventurous, you may want to go on a guided tour of the forests of Belize. It is still common for new ruins to be found in the deep jungles but don’t attempt to go out into the rainforest alone. Getting lost in the jungle is easy especially if you haven’t had extensive experience traveling through the jungle.

Another great adventure that Belize is famous for is hiking. You can hike to one of the many caves located deep in the mountains of which Actun Tunichil Muknal cave is one of Belize’s’ best. You can hike to the cave and explore the inside. Inside the cave there are magnificent limestone formations and even opportunities for swimming in the mineral spring. There have been over fourteen skeletons found in the Actun Tunichil Muknal caves along with ancient pottery and artifacts.

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Joanne Olivieri said...

So rich and refreshing - beautiful photo.

Citizen S said...

Please don't tell people to go to Belize, I'm afraid the large resorts and Wal-Marts are going to move in if it gets too popular! I want it to stay the way it is! I was there twice and want to go back next year. It's a beautiful country, but very much a developing country, and quite poor. Belize City should be avoided. The islands are wonderful.

Actually I've been to Akumal too, and it's several hours north of Belize, probably about six.

Au Revoir said...

your descriptions are lovely...I also have a travel blog, of course not as sophisticated but your view would be appreciated as well as wishes

I DO Belize Weddings said...

Very nice! Great photo.
Belize is an incredible location for a destination wedding.

Daisy said...

Just passing by to inform you and your readers that this blog won a couple of awards for simply being lovely!


Mark H said...

An enchanting looking country.

Sandy said...

What a fabulous picture. Another place I must add t the suitcase's list keeps growing and growing.

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Diana Yusuf said...

helo my friends.....introduce me, i'm harry
is my first time to visiting here, wow ur blog is very nice with good articles, i'm glad to be here and read least i found something in here to be learn

Another Blogger said...

Great Post! I love your picture. So fresh, like I want to diving there too :)

jessica said...

Simply breathtaking!

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