Saturday, August 15, 2009

Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

We awoke to a beautiful clear morning. A perfect day for a 30 minute boat trip to Nelson, a town of about 10,000 located at the end of the west arm of Kootenay Lake. After breakfast we boarded our friends 28' Bennington pontoon deck boat. The boat rode like a dream even when crossing other boat wakes. We were cruising along at 25 mph when a bunch of kids in a ski boat came upon us going full speed at about 40 mph. When they were just about even with us our friend eased his throttle up a little to match their speed. After a few seconds he pushed it full forward and it felt like we were shot out of a gun. The look on the kids faces was priceless! Turns out he had replaced the factory engine with a big block V-8 and added a turbocharger and some racing mods. It topped out at 63mph on the GPS. His neighbors call the boat 'The Flying Bedstead".

When we arrived at Nelson we walked around town and had a great lunch at a cafe overlooking the lake. Nelson is known as a cultural centre. The town has many good restaurants, cafes, coffee houses, shops, art galleries and the restored Capitol Theatre, a hub for the performing arts. Nelson, the "Number One Small Town Arts Community in Canada" is home to a large and diverse artisan community. During the summer art exhibits are held throughout the downtown area with refreshments, musicians and artwork. Nelson also has regular farmer's markets where local artisans can be found selling a unique and diverse variety of fruits, vegetables, arts, crafts and imports. Nelson is a well-known for it's alternative lifestyles. Many American draft dodgers settled in Nelson during the Vietnam War era and became permanent residents. Hemp clothes and cannabis-related products are readily available in local stores.

After lunch I drove the boat back home, arriving just in time for an afternoon nap.

Tomorrow we go on a picnic in the mountains...


The Chukker said...

This blog is fantastic! I felt I was traveling with you!!! Such an inspiration.

isabella mori said...

nelson is a lovely place. the one thing that intrigued me when i first visited is that it's not so much a town but a sort of miniature city. at least it was was like that until about 10 years ago, the last time i was there.

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