Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Last Day in the Kootenays

We had a busy last day in the Kootenays. After a hardy breakfast we cranked up the SeaDoos and headed across the lake. It was fun riding along the shore and seeing the cliffs and giant boulders. There were no houses on that side of the lake. When we came to a large stream that emptied into the lake the temperature dropped 20 degrees. The crystal clear stream was runoff from a nearby glacier.

On returning to the house we packed the Jeep with a picnic lunch and headed into the mountains. The logging road followed a mountain stream for a while before turning up the mountain. There were many switchback and hairpin turns as we climbed and passing other cars was difficult on the narrow road. Fortunately, there were very few cars and no logging trucks. The wild flowers were in full bloom and gorgeous. We looked for bears and elk but only caught a glimpse of a few deer. As we neared the summit there was a small flat area with a picnic table. Perfect! The dogs enjoyed the trip up the mountain and had a great time exploring while we ate. After a lunch we headed back down the mountain. It's amazing how much steeper the road looks going down rather than up.

For dinner we drove down to Gray Creek where their friends owned a bed and breakfast with a charming restaurant and 10 cabins on the lake. The sun was just setting behind the mountain as we began dinner on the deck overlooking the lake. Susan had rack of lamb, our friends had the grilled prawn and I had a steak. The wife had baked each individual's bread in a 4" terracotta flower pot. It was unique, beautiful and delicious. It was a pretty amazing operation with the man and his wife as the only employees and they have done this for the last ten years. He was the chef and she was the waitress. He doubles as the handyman and she is also the maid. She gets up every morning and bakes fresh muffins for the guests and leaves the hot muffins hanging on each door. With hot coffee and muffins I might not get up for breakfast. They then cook each guest a full breakfast in the restaurant. Breakfast and dinner are included in the rate and the food is fabulous. They are booked solid and are only are open the 5 summer months so they have the rest of the year to relax. They are quite environmentally conscious and this is a picture of their house with a dirt roof. That is one of their pet goats 'mowing' the roof!

We have had a wonderful time in the Kootenays and hate to leave but it's up early tomorrow to catch the 7:10am ferry. Thanks to our friends for inviting us up!


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing your experiences in that part of the world. Felt like I was there too. :)

Sandy said...

Looks like a great trip.

Was gonna say thanks for the link, top commentor; but then thought perhaps it wasn't working? It doesn't go to my page but a listing of your posts? Then I checked one of the other's you had listed to see if it was an error; but noticed it was the same, a listing of your posts. I've never seen anyone do that before. Normally it's a link to the person's blog. So...always trying to learn new things, can you explain the advantage of doing it this way...and how you did it? I keep trying to add to the things I know about how to's with blogs.

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As always looking forward to your visit, and the use of your brain, or at least to borrow it for awhile. lol

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Sandy said...

Popping in again today, wanted to say thanks for placing the ad, it's appreciated.

It's FRIDAY, yippee, have a great wkend.

Unknown said...

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My Caddy SG said...

It's amazing how much hard work is put in but I think the proprietors must be loving the life.

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The dogs are so pretty !!!!
Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

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Nyanko said...

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Marlaine said...

Thanks for your peek into the Kooteneys! As a former resident of Kaslo, Castlegar, Kootenay Bay and Riondel, it was great to see it though someone else's eyes!

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