Friday, January 2, 2009

Nova Scotia Canada's Unique Maritime Province

Nova Scotia is a diverse area with roots in both French and Scottish cultures. There are many unique and interesting activities found in the Nova Scotia area including biking along the Lighthouse Route and rafting the wide tides.

There are several biking tours which are available in the Nova Scotia region. You will love biking across the beautiful terrain of this area and seeing first hand some of the most popular sites in the country by way of a bike. These interactive tours will offer you the opportunity to see Nova Scotia up close and become familiar with the diversity which flows within the country.

Whether you want to see the Bay of Fundy from your bike or simply wish to visit as many of the unique places in Nova Scotia as you possible can, you will definitely want to take advantage of the local bike tours.

Walking and hiking tours may not be as expansive as the biking tours in Nova Scotia but they will take you into the Canadian countryside that is typically inaccessible through other means. The tours typically end in a stay at one of the charming bed and breakfast hotels in the area which are renowned for their home like atmosphere.

The walking tours in Nova Scotia are a great way to observe the wildlife in the area as well. There are plenty of moose, birds and even bears which reside in the area.

The Bay of Fundy is one of Canada’s most interesting sights. You can experience the world’s highest tides firsthand when you take part in one of the Nova Scotia traditions of tide rafting. The change in the water level is amazing. We watched it fall over 8' while we were having lunch!

The Bay of Fundy features a multitude of diverse species of marine life including several species of whales.

There are few large cities in Nova Scotia. Instead, you will quickly discover small towns and villages dot the wonderful region which is filled with natural beauty. Halifax is the one city that is bustling with energy although the towns and villages of the area have a lot to offer as well.

Halifax is the capital of Nova Scotia and is also home to several historic sites especially historic war sites from both the French Canadian War and WWI. The city is built upon one of the most historically valuable harbors in Canada.

There are many unique experiences available in Halifax which makes it a wonderful destination including interesting and friendly people, shops and dining experiences.

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