Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Diverse Ontario Canada

Ontario is the home to one of the largest cities in the world Toronto. The city is a wonderful place to visit especially since there is a very low crime rate and a huge and diverse population of inhabitants. Ontario is also home of the world famous Niagara Falls along with a host of other family orientated outdoors activities.

Toronto is the capital city of Ontario and is also the single largest city in the nation of Canada. There are plenty of shopping opportunities, fine dining restaurants, and even theme parks to keep your family active and moving while on their vacation.

If you want to see some of the history of Canada then you will definitely want to take in some of the museums located in the area. Toronto is also home to art galleries, theaters and even offers cultural activities such as ballets and operas.

The Thunder Bay area is located in the Northern region of Ontario. You will find that there are many family orientated adventures in the Thunder Bay area including guided tours of the local ecosystems.

There are several spas and saunas available in the Thunder Bay region of Ontario, as well as several parks. If you are a history buff then you will not want to miss the Fort William Historical Park. The Fort William Historical Park is a re-enactment of a fur trading village. You and your family will love learning about history in this great village and with hands on activities you will become a fur trading expert in no time at all.

The Niagara Falls area is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the nation of Canada especially for families and the newly married couples who want a memorable honeymoon. Niagara Falls is open to the public in the summer months and is especially crowded in June. You can take advantage of one of the guided tours of the falls or you can enjoy the falls by boat. You will need to purchase admission tickets and you may want to take a shuttle bus if you do not want to walk for quite some distance from the parking area to the entrance of the falls.

Ontario is one of the most popular travel destinations in Canada and also one of the most diverse. Whether you want a big city adventure in Toronto or a simple vacation away from the stress of the big city in the Northern areas in the province you will love the region.

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