Sunday, June 28, 2009

Crococun Zoo Cancun Mexico

No trip to the Cancun area of Mexico can be complete unless you make a side trip to the famous Crococun zoo. This is especially true if you happen to be traveling with small children.

The park was primarily established as a crocodile farm 20 years previously. Its specific purpose was to farm bred crocodiles for commercial purposes. During the 1988 hurricane Gilbert which struck the area Crococun was practically destroyed however as they rebuilt the reserve it started to take more of a nature preserve shape then that of a farm. Noticing this ex-farm slowly drifted from a commercial venture to that of a conservationist project the owners decided that this was a good thing and changed the complete concept of the organization. It was no longer a commercial venture but rather more of a conservation preserve. Today the zoo acts as a means of promoting and protecting many of Mexico’s endangered species. Some of the species of crocs which are raised here are eventually released back to the wild as part of the zoos conservation project. Not only does the location foster area animals but it presents a vast selection of marine and plant conservation as well.

The zoo’s mission is to inspire and to educate people towards making intelligent choices when it comes to the environment and conservation of the various animals, the habitat and the creature’s natural environment. Their major goal is to increase the dwindling croc population while at the same time teaching the next generation of citizens why this
Species is important for our way of life. Instructions are provided so that people can see how these animals should be properly cared for. The zoo desires to eventually become the areas leader in the conservation and protection of the various local wild species found in the region.

A visit to this zoo will likely provide some very lasting impressions for you and your family. These memories will become treasured moments fro your children as well as for you. This animal sanctuary has established several excellent tours that provide some great insights into the life and actions of the animals which they care for. In some cases, it is even possible for the children to actually touch and hold some of the smaller zoo creatures.

The zoo has been credited with saving many of the countries crocodile population that would normally have been killed as a result of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Some of their croc residents have been transferred from the Sian Kaan Reserve as well as those that have been discovered and caught wondering around in residential areas.

As one rides the bus on route 307 towards the zoo a watchful eye can readily catch one or two of the large Yucatan Howler Monkeys gracefully playing at the top of the trees along the highway. These large animals leap from tree to tree as if they had wings. It is interesting to think about these wild creatures being a mere 50 from a major highway.

The monkeys found in the zoo represent those species that have been rescued by the authorities from private homes or those that were captured illegally. One can not merely place wild animals back into the wild after being taken as babies into ones home. The zoo serves as a half way house where these monkeys can be protected and nurtured until such time as they can return to their natural habitat.

So if you are interested in the wonders of nature then a visit to the Crococum Zoo is just what you need.

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