Thursday, April 2, 2009

Entrecard Advertising Exchange for Bloggers

Entrecard is an advertising exchange network for bloggers. Bloggers earn one Entrecard credit when they click on "Drop" on another Entrecard site. By putting the 125x125 Entrecard widget in your blog, you can get free advertising on other blogs and they can advertise on yours. In effect you both introduce your readers to new blogs.

I'm a member of Entrecard (the little box on the left with my Blog of the Day). Entrecard is a great place for bloggers to advertise their blog, network with other bloggers and discover new ways to improve their blog. It brings many new visitors to Travel on the Tide~ everyday. The only problem with Entrecard is that I spend too much time reading a lot of other interesting travel blogs. They also have many other categories so you can spend hours exploring various blogs.
Here are 5 things I have learned about Entrecard:

  1. You need to drop lots of your cards. The best way to improve your Entrecard exposure is to "drop" your card. Drop your card on sites owned by active users. Always return the drops in your Inbox. If they dropped their card at your blog, you know they are active. I also drop my card on the popular Entrecard sites in my category.
  2. You need to have an attractive, eye catching ad. After all, you want an ad that reflects your site and that people will want to click on and visit your site. That's the reason for advertising!
  3. Good Entrecard Widget Position. Make it easy for droppers to find your widget. You want them to come back and they will if it is easy to find your Entrecard widget.
  4. Watch Your Statistics. Check your Entrecard statistics often. You can see which ads are genereating the most clicks for you and you can advertise again with the sites that provide the most clicks for the least cost.
  5. Advertise Everyday. If you drop lots of your cards, you will have lots of Entrecard credits to spend on advertising. Advertise on several blogs a day. Pick the most popular sites you can afford and advertise with them.
I have been most pleased with Entrecard. If you are a blogger check them out at

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Rob said...

Some good comments here about entrecard. I've gotten in on it, and while it's not perfect, it is a nice way to exchange some free advertising with other folks.

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