Saturday, March 14, 2009

Renting a Private Home from the Owners

When planning your next vacation, regardless of where you may be going, you may wish to consider leasing a private home or villa. Renting a vacation home may be a very cost effective means of taking your vacation. It is definitely an attractive alternative to a motel or hotel for an extended vacation. In addition, should you be traveling with several people in your party it is without a doubt the least expensive choice.

When comparing a private villa or home, the motel or hotel can appear impersonal and cold not nearly as inviting. Here are a few tips on leasing your first vacation rental home.

Start by determining the number of people who will be going on the trip. The number people and their ages help determine which house to rent. Many owners do not cherish the thought of renting their home to families with many young children or to a group of partying college students because of possible damage to their property.

Next get on your computer and search for "(the town you want to visit) house for rent". Do some serious search engine work involving the area in which you will be vacationing. Check on the various properties in the area. You will find an amazing array of choices! In many popular vacation sposts there are literally hundreds to choose among. On the web will be able to see pictures of the homes and villas as well as information about the surrounding vicinity. Or glance through the classified section of a newspaper in the area for information relating to the leasing of summer homes. These reviews will also provide you with a feel for what is available as well as the prices that prevail in the area.

You can also contact the homeowners association which governs any of the condos or rental homes which you may be considering renting. There is a good chance that they may be able to place you in contact with various homeowners who might have a vacancy in their rentals. You can also obtain a copy of the rules and regulations which governs that particular community.

You may want to keep in mind that many homeowners in order to protect their property from damages will require that you leave a security deposit when renting their home. Usually, once you have checked out and the owner or his agent has inspected the property and found it to be acceptable your deposit will be refunded.

The summer months are usually the busiest at beach, while the winter months are the busiest at tropical locations and ski resorts and the homes naturally will be more costly and scarce during this "high season" so you can expect to pay more and should make reservations early for accommodations in the peak seasons. Otherwise, you might have to rent a less desirable home instead of the one you want.

Once you rent a home or villa and experience the fun you can have with the whole group under one roof, you well may say "This was the best vacation we have ever taken!".

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