Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Join the Jet Set in Acapulco, Mexico

You would be hard pressed to locate anyone who has not heard of Acapulco, Mexico. This popular Mexican town is the birthplace behind Mexico’s growing tourist industry. Prior to the creation of Cancun this town represented the ultimate location for beach related fun and excitement.

As an experienced traveler and writer of my adventures people always ask me if the magic is still there in Acapulco and I have to reply with a large “Yes”. This famous Mexican resort has much to offer the traveler in the way of luxury accommodations.

The town was once a small fishing village that comprised a natural harbor which was isolated by its surrounding jungle. Today is appears that its beaches extend indefinitely in all directions making Acapulco one of Mexico’s more popular beach resorts. The city may not be as modern as other resort areas nearby but it has managed to retain its charm and excitement with its abundant supply of cliff divers, it glamorous four star hotels and its modern disco nightlife.

Acapulco at one time was considered the Mecca of the jet set crowd. Many people can recall the movie made in the 60’s with the same name and featuring the King of Rock – Elvis. These are the same fans who now have been returning every year for 30 years now in support of their previous life style.

Since Acapulco is now the number two vacation resort in Mexico a visitor can find some real deals on their purchases at the local markets. For the most part the prices are lower then one would find in other areas of Mexico.

Would I return to Acapulco for a vacation? You bet I would! Here you can enjoy the endless beaches with their warm white sand or perhaps you would like to visit one of the charming restaurants located in the hearty of the city. If the nightlife is your passion then you have come to the right place as Acapulco is the classic nightlife capital of Mexico.

When driving around the city you must remember that within Costera Miguel Aleman which is the main street of the city the house numbers mean nothing what so ever. It is not unusual to find house number 200 residing directly next to house number 4201 while house number 1999 may be several miles further down the road. This makes it very important when obtaining addresses to get the beach name as well.

Yes without a doubt Acapulco is worth the time and effort to schedule a visit. It is an older resort and represents the classic Mexican paradise. Have a great time there.

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